Wish Bracelets

I present Wish Bracelets as a seed of inspiration leading to positive energy and a feeling of wellness, hope and a gesture of good-will between people. ~ Leah

The bearer of a Wish Bracelet shall receive their wish so long as the bracelet is worn, comes apart and falls away.

Wish Bracelets remind you to think positive thoughts which are the beginning, the seed of all action: Tie a Wish Bracelet three times and make three wishes. Thereafter rub the beads often and visualize your wishes have already come true. Once the bracelet falls off, all your thought/wish energy is released to the Universe and returns when it has run its course.

Each colour also represents a wish i.e. RED = Love and Harmony

How it works? As per the Law of Attraction, you attract similar to what energy you hold and your thoughts are the very foundation of your energy. If your thoughts/wishes are positive, your positive energy gains strength and becomes a positive signal for a positive experience. Ultimately, you want to attract your wishes your way and you can through positive thought. You are a magnet attracting what you think/wish/do just as a magnet would attract what it attracts.

We Wish You the Best of Thoughts and Wishes!

dragon-wandKeep your

FOCUS and INTENTIONS  on what is

POSITIVE to tweak your

INNER HAPPINESS which will produce

GOOD THOUGHTS ultimately giving you

POSITIVE ENERGY which attracts likeness in the form of a


Colour Meanings

Choose a colour to attract your hearts desire

Red & White = Love & Peace

Multi = Unity, Growth

Pink = Romance, Tenderness

Red = Love, Harmony

Orange = Vitality, Triumph

Gold = Fulfillment, Wisdom, Joy

Irish Moss = Luck

Green = Money, Well-Being

Turquoise = Balance, Healing, Bliss

Purple = Spirituality, Imagination

Black = Willpower, Resolutions

White = Peace & Protection