World Art

Impressions of a Simpler World
Positive Impressions ~ Positive Thought ~ Positive Energy ~ Attract Likeness
Artwork by: Paula Thibideau

An Impression is a Seed of Energy Planted Within

There are over 230 lovely, hand-drawn images in this World Art Gallery, each representing a country in simpler times. My wish is that these images leave you with a positive impression to grow in intensity through positive thought ultimately attracting likeness in the form of a positive life experience.

The world is full of impressions, some are good and some not so good. Impressions are an underlying understanding of an individual or situation, like a seed and a starting point. If that seed is looked after and tended to it becomes the basics of something really good. For a positive impression to flourish requires positive thought.

People have the potential to better their lives by focusing on the simpler, more positive things in life. If your environment is not a positive one that plants and fosters positivity, you always have your imagination to build one. Use imagination to create a whole new scenario as positive as you could possibly imagine. All because positive imagination will also create positive energy.

Never stop believing for that in itself will charge you with positive energy; giving hope even where hope may not seem to exist.

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