World Art

Impressions of a Simpler World
Positive Impressions ~ Positive Thought ~ Positive Energy ~ Attract Likeness
Artwork by: Paula Thibideau

Think of an Impression as a Seed of Energy Planted Within

The hand drawn images in this World Art Collection represent over 230 countries in more peaceful and simpler times. Feelings of calmness envelopes me while viewing them and it is that feeling that I want to share with you. This calmness is a level of well-being that starts as a positive impression.

A positive impression is the start of something bigger. Every impression is a starting point of an idea, attitude, or understanding.  If we choose to focus our attention on the positive, these impressions builds on our inner strength and before long we have better life experiences.

This artwork is for anyone to take in, enjoy and perhaps find a means to change the direction of where life is taking you.

Wishing you many good thoughts and positive life experiences ~

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