Once upon a time…

dragon-fairyOnce upon a time, there was a woman who travelled, searching for what she felt was missing in the world. She wandered through the snowy north and burning deserts, sailed over the ocean, and explored the jungles.

Finally, she came to a wise Shaman in the Amazon jungle. He led her deep into the green, jewel-like rain forest to a tiny village where if you blink once it was there and if you blink twice it was not. There were the women and children of the village, strong men and elders that all lived in harmonious abundance. The women stared in wonder  and asked, “How is it possible that there are no wants, strife, or sickness here?” The Shaman gazed into the woman’s eyes and saw the needs of the world. Seeing this, he shared the secrets of the Wish Bracelets.

Then the women of the village weaved colorful jewelled beads from the stars into their native grasses. These bracelets were magical, able to answer the wishes of those who wished with a pure and unselfish heart. The Shaman guided her to share the bracelets and their story with the world and share the money she would earn with the poor and the sick.

Soon the magic of the bracelets spread far and wide. The more people believed, the more magical the bracelets became. In turn the people were greatly blessed and lived in an abundance of love and harmony.