What is Woman?

A woman’s innate strength is her feminine nature. Her seeming softness, her receptivity, her gentleness are deceptive. Within this silken glove lies steel and fire and passion;
Woman is forgiveness without forgetfulness. 
      Woman is healing without complacency
 Woman is rage without revenge.
      Woman is birth and death and rebirth.
 Woman is sorrow without surrender
      Woman holds her sisters not in contempt but in protection.
Woman is each daughter, sister, grandmother, auntie and mother before her throughout all of time.


We are healers, we are leaders, we are scientists and thinkers. We teach and hold degrees. We earn and pray and cook and clean and bear children. But now we are awakening to know the true power we hold. Earth Mother is awakening within us and showing Her daughters that their time is now.Women’s leadership will not be through conquest and force of arms. It will not be through money and manipulation nor through lies and deceit. Women’s power will come through the wise gaze of the Elders and the teachings of ancient people that has told us through millennia, that we are all One. As Earth struggles with humanity’s assault on the very things that allow us life, join with us, our sisters, to use our innate powers of healing, loving, teaching and holding in Sacred Trust that which was entrusted to us.

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