Gifts of WishBracelets

Every year we gift many Wish Bracelets to people young and old, to individuals, groups and organizations. This is one way of paying it forward, spreading good energy 🙂

Gifts of WishBracelets

Schools / Organizations that received gifts of Wish Bracelets…

This is a list of schools that received gifts of Wish Bracelets so far:

  • Capilano 220
  • Fulton 220
  • McCalley 220
  • Spruce Avenue 270
  • D.S. Mackenzie 120
  • Mckernan 120
  • Riverbend 170
  • Sister Annata Brockman 180
  • Winterburn 180
  • Louise St. Laurent 260
  • Neil M. Ross 530
  • Tempo 600
  • Fort McMurray 400

We, at The Old Strathcona Youth Society sincerely appreciate your inspirational Wish Bracelets and in particular your graceful presence, positive message and energy that you gifted our youth, staff, students, and volunteers with. To adorn each one of us with a Wish Bracelet and encouraged our youth in their journey instilling hope for their wishes and desires to manifest. With deep gratitude, ~ Jaya Chauhan, Program Coordinator